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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pastor Kills Daughter in Murder-Suicide

Police released new details Friday in the murder-suicide in Hebron where a former pastor killed his daughter before killing himself

Police say 56-year-old Daniel Randall, had just been released from Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland this week after completing a 90-day program and was also served divorce papers.
Police said the same day as his release, Randall bought a shotgun, drove to his estranged family's home, broke in through the garage, and shot his 27-year-old daughter Claire multiple times before turning the gun on himself.
A neighbor and police both confirmed that Randall spray painted messages to his family, targeting his wife, Anita, on the walls of five rooms in the home, including "vowbreaker," and "Anita, it's all your fault," according to Carroll Daggett, a neighbor who said he found Randall dead on the porch Thursday afternoon.
“I’m ex-military, so I’ve been through a lot of stuff in the last years that I had put out of my mind, but this brought everything back," said Daggett.
Daggett said Randall's wife Anita called him and asked him to check up on Claire since Anita was unable to reach her by cellphone. Daggett said he takes the family's trash to the transfer station weekly.
“And then there were other writings on the dining room wall and hallway going to the upstairs. I didn’t go upstairs. I came back out, called 911 and had to wait for State Police to get here," said Daggett.
Anita, Claire, and Randall's teenage son had recently moved to Maine from Rhode Island where Randall was a pastor at the First Congregational Church.
Randall was a pastor in Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Arizona, according to church documents.
According to the Providence Journal, Claire was the valedictorian of her 2008 graduating class at Mount Hope High School. According to the paper's records, she told them in a previous interview that she was a Red Sox fan, her favorite class was AP English, and she worked at a local toy store part time.
Police are still tracking down where Randall purchased the gun.
According to police, the father was just released from an alcohol treatment facility at 10 a.m., Thursday morning. He was also served with divorce papers this week.
Pastor Kills Daughter in Murder-Suicide: Police Dec. 9, 2016

COWETA, Oklahoma Wagoner County deputies said two men were found dead from apparent gunshot wounds, and Sheriff Chris Elliott said they have determined the shooting was a murder-suicide.
In a statement, the sheriff's office has determined the shooter was Arthur Damon, 51, and he shot Jerry Jones, 47, who was the owner of Fresh Start Auto. 

Two Men Identified In Deadly Coweta Murder-Suicide Dec 09, 2016  TESS MAUNE

Nick Blake doesn’t have the words to describe how he feels. Wednesday, police said his brother, 35-year old Zachary Blake, got into an argument with his longtime girlfriend, 30-year-old Desirae Parnell, in the parking lot of a shopping center near S.W. 119th and Western Ave. Parnell walked away and police said Blake shot her then turned the gun on himself.

Brother Of Shooter In SW OKC Murder-Suicide Speaks Out  Dec 09, 2016 AARON BRILBECK 

ST. JAMES — A Donaldsonville man who shot and killed a woman Thursday afternoon, then shot himself in the head, but survived, remains in critical condition, St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin said Friday.
Martin said the man, Ramon Butler, 22, and the woman, Diamond Philip, 18, of the town of St. James, had been in a relationship but may have been estranged at the time of the shooting.
Butler shot Philip several times. Butler survived his attempt at suicide and was flown by helicopter to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in critical condition, the sheriff said.

Police: Man kills woman, shoots self in St. James 

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