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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Girl shoots at Alpine High School then kills herself

NEW YORK - Una studente ha aperto il fuoco in una scuola superiore in Texas, ad Alpine, colpendo un altro studente. Poi si è suicidata. Stando alle prime informazioni, anche un agente sarebbe rimasto ferito.
Nell'area della località di Alpine tutte le scuole sono in lockdown, il che significa che chi è all'interno non può uscire e dall'esterno nessuno può entrare. La scuola della sparatoria si trova a circa 350 chilometri da El Paso, città Usa al confine con il Messico.

The victim has been identified by her friends as Sedonah Young. She posted a video on Twitter with another on of her friends showing that she was OK after the shooting. Young was shot in the “lower extremities,” police say.

Texas, studente apre fuoco in liceo e si suicida. Almeno due feriti 08 settembre 2016

One person is dead and two others are injured after a shooting at a Texas high school, authorities said.
The Alpine High School in West Texas was initially placed on lockdown following reports of an active shooter situation on Thursday morning. 
The shooting happened in the school's band hall, Brewster County Attorney J. Steve Houston said.
A student and an officer were reportedly injured during the shooting, but their identities have not been made public.
There was blood all over the hallway and my friend was shot,” an Alpine student told local media.
Reports said that a gunman was found dead in a bathroom at the school apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot.
Police initially said that two gunmen were attacking the school, so it was not immediately known if another assailant was still at large.
Officers were also sent to the nearby Sul Ross State University, after someone called police and threatened the school.
Texas passed a new law last month, allowing anyone with a concealed weapon license to bring a handgun to campus. 
According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), firearms are the cause of death for more than 33,000 people in the US every year, a number that includes accidental discharge, murder, and suicides.

A girl at Alpine High School in Texas shot and wounded another girl before fatally turning the gun on herself Thursday morning, police said.
The shooting happened in a bathroom before 8 a.m., law enforcement officials told ABC7 New York.
Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson said the shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The other girl was wounded, he said.
A police officer was also accidentally shot and wounded by a marshal at the school, Dodson said.
The shooting happened less than three weeks after classes began Aug. 22. The district — comprising only one elementary, middle and high school, with about 1,000 students — went into lockdown after the gunfire.
A Twitter user, identified only as key, wrote at 8:25 a.m.: "as a student of alpine high, I want to thank the law enforcement for their amazing effort to keep us safe." The user did not return messages from The News.
Alpine is a town of 5,900 residents in western Texas, about 200 miles southeast of El Paso.
Sul Ross State University in Alpine said there was "an active shooter threat" on the campus, and went into lockdown. Authorities have not confirmed an attack at the college.

Girl shoots and wounds other girl at Alpine High School in Texas, then kills herself JASON SILVERSTEIN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS September 8, 2016

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