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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Greenville quadruple homicide was a familicide

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - We're continuing to learn more details about a mother and her three young daughters that were found dead in their home Tuesday night. The father of two of the girls is behind bars in Virginia for murder.

Dramatic surveillance video from Hopkins' Store in Richmond, VA shows the take down, which was coordinated between Greenville police, Richmond police, and U.S. Marshals.

They appear to tell Dibon Toone, the suspect, to get on the ground, and he refuses. That's when they bring out a K-9 unit.
Toone was behind bars around midnight, charged with murder for the death of the mother, Garlette Howard, but police expect to file more charges in the coming days for each of the children.
The D.A.'s office has begun extradition paperwork and expect him to be back in North Carolina on Friday.
"Detectives with the Greenville Police Department, last night, traveled to Richmond where they conducted an interview with Toone in Richmond," explained Chief Mark Holtzman with the Greenville Police Department. "Detectives are confident from that interview that they have the person responsible for these murders and that he acted alone."
Police say they were first tipped off that something was wrong on Monday when Garlette Howard's employer called to report she hadn't shown up for work, but when cops went by her home, nothing was out of place and they didn't have enough reason to go inside.
On Tuesday, Toone's out-of-state family members called GPD to say they were worried about the welfare of Toone's children and their mother.
"As little girls, you should be able to trust your father, someone that you can look up to for advice and to protect you," Chief Holtzman said. "Dibon Toone betrayed that trust and as a result these little girls and their mother paid the price."
They were all found dead by homicide. The specific cause is unknown at this time and will be determined by the Medical Examiner's Office.
Greenville police say they may have been dead for several days before they were found.
WITN also spoke with Howard's neighbor who say the 32-year-old lived a quiet life.
They were seen by neighbors going in and out their front door that now has flowers and toys in front it, in memory of their precious lives taken too soon.
Howard lived on Grovemont Drive in Apartment 1101-A, the place where she and her 11, 7 and 6-year-old girls were found dead.
"I would never expect anything like this to happen," says neighbor Lisa Gordon.
Gordon lives across the parking lot from them and says she saw Howard and her girls just this past weekend.
"I've seen her on different occasions, like just going from her car to house her and girls, like bring in laundry or groceries, or Sunday I saw the little girl coming from the trash can," she says.
Another neighbor, Gwendolyn Yarrell, says it was Friday morning, as she walked her dog, she saw Howard going to her car. "She was coming out of her house, walking toward her car and I spoke and kept on going so."
On July 22, that was the first time neighbors say they noticed any problems in the house.
"I never heard of anything until three weeks ago," says Gordon. "I saw the cops over there and that was the first time I noticed she was in a relationship."
On that day, police say Toone tried to commit suicide and they were called in to help.
After a psychiatric evaluation, police say it didn't appear Toone, who is the father of the two youngest girls, wanted to harm anyone other than himself.
"If she shared or if we knew anything, you know, we would have been there to help, you know, and do what we can to help her," says Gordon.
Chief Holtzman says despite no legal history of violence between the two, he says there may have been signs. "I don't think people suffer through domestic violence by themselves. If you share that information with your friends and family, I think it's our job to recognize the danger for them."
Greenville police says they have a program called the Lethality Assessment Program, or LAP, so whenever an officer goes to a home where domestic violence is suspected, even if the victim doesn't want help, they'll still investigate and provide necessary tools on way to stop the cycle of abuse.
Authorities have identified the mother killed in last night's quadruple homicide in Greenville.
Greenville police say Garlette Howard was killed last night, along with her three children, ages 6, 7 and 11 years old.
Dibon Toone, 39, was arrested late last night in Richmond, Virginia and charged with the murders of Howard and her three children.
Police Chief Mark Holtzman says Toone is the father of at least two of Howard's daughters. The woman worked for LabCorp, while the chief said he had no information on where Toone was employed.
Sequence of events
At a morning news conference, Chief Holtzman said this is how it happened:
Out-of-state family members of the suspect contacted Greenville Police, saying Toone had made disturbing statements and they were concerned. Police investigated, then made entry into Toone's town home.
When police got inside, they found the bodies of the 32-year-old mother, as well as her three daughters, ages 6, 7 and 11.
Toone is believed to be the father of the two youngest victims in the case.
The police chief said the victims may have been killed several days before discovery of bodies.
Police tracked Toone to Richmond, Virginia area, and Toone was taken into custody.
He was driving Howard's work vehicle.
Greenville police went to Richmond and had an interview with Toone. After that interview, they say they believe he is the suspect and acted alone.
The exact cause of death was not released, but the deaths were homicides.
Toone is awaiting extradition back to North Carolina. He is charged with one count of murder in Howard's death and will be facing additional charges.

Greenville police release more details on murder of woman and children, neighbors react to tragedy  | 

ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - For some in one Eastern Carolina community, Tuesday's quadruple homicide in Greenville is reminiscent of a murder-suicide of a mother and her three children that took place 15 years ago in Onslow County.

It was down Parkway Drive in 2001, that Robin Parker, 33, and her three young children, ages 10, 2 and 11 months, were found in her garage. They were all deceased from carbon monoxide poisoning.
The case was ruled a murder-suicide by authorities.
Former sheriff, Ed Brown, was over the investigation and he says these sorts of tragedies with mothers and their children are never forgotten by the community.
"I can just about assure you that every person that saw that release that day in reference to that situation can go back in their mind, like I can, and can bring it back up because they've associated it."
Brown said he would also like to extend his condolences to the family of the mother and her three children who were murdered in Greenville and to the suspect's family.
He says in any case, both sides experience a loss, confusion and hurt.
Brown also says the law enforcement who have to investigate are deeply affected by these tragedies.
He says the sight of the mother with her three children in the garage is something that even 15 years later is still fresh in his mind.
Hear more from the members of the Onlsow County community reflecting on the tragedy from 15 years ago on WITN's Sunrise Show at 6:30 a.m. Friday.

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