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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Man shoots wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself

Charlotte Hart (left) and her mother Claire died in the Spalding shooting CREDIT:INSTAGRAM

A father of three who gunned down his wife and 19-year-old daughter before killing himself had been upset following the breakdown of his marriage, it was claimed last night.
Builders’ merchant, Lance Hart, 57, shot his wife of 26-years, Claire, after confronting her in a swimming pool car park near their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire at around 9am yesterday.
He then blasted their daughter, Charlotte, a university student who was at home for the summer holidays, and had been with her mother, before turning the weapon on himself.
The couple, who also have two sons aged 25 and 26, recently separated and had just sold the smart detached five bedroom home where they had lived for the last 15-years.
Friends of the pair said they believed Lance had been had been struggling to move on with his life following the breakdown of the marriage, but they were still deeply shocked by the incident.
One of the family’s neighbours said: “He seemed a happy nice man. He had done a lot of work on the house himself, but it had recently gone on the market and had been sold."
Another neighbour said: “They were a lovely family I'm honestly shocked. Lance couldn't do enough for you. He helped me with DIY in my house, did his all up from scratch.
“We would chat over the fence. I think they were splitting up… I just think he has flipped."
A builder, who was just yards from the scene of the shooting, described how he and a lifeguard from the swimming pool had raced to help, but were too late to help the two women.
He said: “The older woman was very badly injured and I tried CPR on her while the guy from the swimming baths tried on the younger woman who didn't look as bad.”
An air ambulance was scrambled to the scene and but paramedics were unable to save them and all three were pronounced dead a short time later.

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