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Thursday, June 2, 2016

UCLA shooting: Murder-suicide on campus

A murder-suicide at UCLA on Wednesday prompted a campuswide lockdown and forcing hundreds of terrified students to hide in buildings.
UCLA Student Body President Michael Skiles identified Professor William S. Klug as the individual who was slain.
The situation was contained by shortly after noon, and there was no ongoing threat to to the campus, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said. He said police found a weapon, and no suspects remain at large.
Beck said the shooting took place in a small office in the engineering building. He said he did not know whether the dead were students. 
Authorities had received reports of an active shooter in or near the building, Los Angeles Police Officer Tony Im said. Freshman Teddi Mattox said she was in a cafeteria getting breakfast with about 100 other students when the shooting occurred.
"We got the alert and a woman said, 'This is not a joke, everyone get to the back of the dining hall because we have to stay away from the windows,'" she said.
"We're crowded back here, we've been here for at least an hour and a half. People are crying, they're nervous, they're shaking ... I have not stopped shaking for the last hour and a half."
UCLA officials said they will review all campus safety procedures.
"We're pleased in the way notification went out, troubled by some reports of unlocked doors, but we want to review everything," said Scott Waugh, UCLA's executive vice chancellor and provost.
UCLA has also extended counseling services over the next few days to serve all the students who may be in need, Waugh said.
Los Angeles police is still investigating the shooting, according to university officials.
Police urged residents to avoid the UCLA campus.
CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said locking down a large university in an urban area is a "monumental task." UCLA's engineering building is in the middle of a very densely populated part of Los Angeles.
A student and a professor died in a murder-suicide in an engineering building at UCLA on Wednesday morning, Los Angeles police say.

The gunman has been identified as Mainak Sarkar, a former doctoral student who had accused the victim of stealing his computer code and giving it to someone else, the LAPD said Thursday.
Sarkar, a resident of Minnesota, appears also to have killed a woman in a small town in that state and had a "kill list," that she was on, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said.
The professor was William S. Klug, 39, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, according to multiple sources. He was on the "kill list."
A second UCLA professor, who has not been identified, was also on the list. He is safe.
A note was found at the scene, though it was not immediately clear if it was connected to the shooting, said the LAPD's chief spokesman, Capt. Andy Neiman.
UCLA classes were canceled Wednesday. All classes, except those in engineering, are to resume Thursday. Engineering classes will resume once authorities have completed their investigation, which could be as early as Friday.

There have been 186 shootings on school campuses in the U.S. since Dec. 14, 2012, when 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., according to Everytown For Gun Safety, an advocacy group.
By that count, a gun has been fired on school grounds nearly once a week since the Sandy Hook shootings.

Today’s UCLA murder-suicide was the 186th U.S. school shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012

Ordinary Gun Violence In America May 27, 2016

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