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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Man killed 7-year-old girl, shot mom in murder-suicide

 - A 7-year-old girl died Friday after being shot last night after soccer practice at the Taylor Sportsplex.

Her mother was also shot and is in serious condition while the man who pulled the trigger, Timothy Nelson Obeshaw, took his own life.

7-year-old Emma Watson Nowling and her mother, 37-year-old Sharon Watson, had just finished soccer practice and got in the car to head home at the time of the shooting.

Now the police are sharing why Obeshaw, 57,  snapped, adding that mental illness was a factor.

"As you know, responding to deaths of children are always extremely tough," said Chief Mary Sclabassi.
Obeshaw had attended practice, appearing normal,
"Obeshaw had been seen at the beginning of the practice embracing the young girl," Sclabassi said. "She was embracing him back as if there was no problem."
But his demeanor changed when practice was over. He followed Emma and her mom to the parking lot.
Obeshaw, who had a valid CPL, approached the car with a 9mm gun. Police say he shot Emma, then her mother, and then shot and killed himself. Emma died at the hospital.
Family members told police that Obeshaw was a friend of the family and had been staying with Watson and the other family in Belleville for about the last year and had recently moved to a home in Taylor.
Friends told police Obeshaw was making some very suspicious comments leading up to the shooting.
"We found evidence that Obeshaw believed someone was trying to control him through mind control," Sclabassi said. "And ther statements indicating he thought someone is out to get him."
Police say Obeshaw was very likely mentally ill. He has no known criminal record, except for an impaired driving conviction in 2001.
"If the persons close to this individual had perhaps taken the steps to make sure he had the help he needed," Sclabassi said. "He may not of been in the position to obtain a firearm that he had."

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