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Monday, October 5, 2015

Prescription Drugs Overdose Killed Cathriona White

Cathriona White was allegedly found with three pill bottles next to her, all prescribed to a supposed alias for Jim Carrey, TMZ reports.

Three pill bottles found near the body of Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend after her apparent suicide were prescribed under an alias to her actor beau, according to a report.

TMZ.com said Saturday that Los Angeles officials were interested in speaking with Carrey about the death of Cathriona White, 30, whose body was found Monday night in her California home.

A note addressed to the movie star was discovered with the bottles near the Irish makeup artist’s lifeless body, authorities told the Daily News.

The painkiller Percocet, along with the sleep aid Ambien and blood pressure medication Propranolol, were all found at her bedside, according to TMZ.

The same doctor prescribed all three to Carrey’s false name.

Her body was found by Los Angeles police and paramedics when worried friends called authorities, fearful that she might have taken her life after the couple’s Sept. 24 breakup.

White left behind several suicide notes, including the one addressed to Carrey, 53, People magazine reported Friday.

The final results of an autopsy are expected to take several weeks due to toxicology testing.

The Los Angeles coroner’s office and a rep for Carrey did not reply to The News’ request for comment.

The couple shared an up-and-down relationship dating back to 2012, breaking up and reuniting over the three years. They were seen holding hands in May during a trip to New York.

The star of “The Mask” and “The Cable Guy” issued a heartfelt statement after the shocking death where he remembered White as a “truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil.”

Erano per Jim Carrey le medicine letali di Cathriona White

Il sito Tmz, uno dei massimi esperti mondiali nel settore del gossip, ha lanciato una nuova bomba sul suicidio della ex ragazza del popolare attore americano. 

Scrive Tmz che sul luogo della tragedia sono stati trovati questi farmaci: Ambien, un sonnifero, Percocet, un antidolorifico, e Propranololo, un farmaco per la pressione sanguigna. E fin qui, niente di particolarmente strano, visto che era noto che la ragazza fosse morta per overdose

Ma quello che ha incuriosito la polizia sono state le prescrizioni, destinate a un personaggio fittizio, che secondo gli ambienti interrogativi potrebbe essere proprio Carrey. 

Cathriona White, pillole prescritte a Jim Carrey ma… - 5 ottobre 2015

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