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Monday, May 25, 2015

L'Omicidio-Suicidio di Wolverine

La caccia all'uomo è finita. In una zona boscosa di Oxford la polizia britannica ha trovato il corpo di Jed Allen, il 21enne che ha ucciso la sorellina di sei anni, la madre e il suo compagno. 

Jed Allen si è impiccato in una zona boscosa degli Oxford University Parks, un'ampia zona verde nella città universitaria dove lavorava come custode.  

Allen era stato soprannominato 'Wolverine' per via di una fotografia pubblicata sul suo profilo Instagram in cui imitava, tenendo tre lame fra le dita della mano, il personaggio della serie a fumetti X-Men. 

Il giovane ha ucciso le sue vittime accoltellandole per poi darsi alla fuga. 

Giovane ossessionato da Wolverine stermina la famiglia May 25, 2015

Friends said that Allen was frustrated and had anger problems while he himself wrote he was 'lonely', 'sad' and 'tired of being treated like dirt'. He has made a series of bizarre outbursts on social media

Bodybuilder Jed Allen, who went on the run after killing his half-sister Derin, six, his mother Janet Jordon, 48, and her boyfriend Philip Howard, 44, in Didcot, Oxfordshire, also made a 'goodbye' phone call to his best friend before he was found dead.
More than 100 officers were deployed to search the Oxford University Parks - where Allen worked as a groundsman – after police last saw him on CCTV buying a bottle of water from WH Smith and walking towards the city centre.
In a press conference this evening, Thames Valley Police confirmed that a body had been found by members of the public less than one mile from the University Parks and said officers were no longer looking for anyone else in connection with the murders.
Allen, who was obsessed with the X-Men comic-book hero Wolverine, had been involved with the police in the past but detectives have not yet revealed what for or if he had a criminal record.
It emerged tonight that he phoned his best friend Jordan Dee to say goodbye before going on the run and sent a 'deeply personal' text message to seven friends saying ‘I’ve done something bad’, before asking them to call the police.
Relatives were too upset to talk last night and one would only say: ‘There is a lot of bad feeling at the moment.’ 
Mr Dee’s father Robert told the Mail that his son was probably the last person Allen spoke to before going on the run. 
The 63-year-old gas engineer said: ‘Jordan reckons it was Jed saying cheerio to all his mates. He told me, “Dad, I think Jed was saying goodbye.”’
Mr Dee said Allen had felt ‘lonely and unloved’ because of a troubled upbringing with an alcoholic mother. 
The family went through massive upheaval when Allen’s two younger siblings were taken into care. But when Miss Jordon gave birth to Derin, she was allowed to keep her child, he said.
Mr Dee said Allen struggled to find work when he left school, feeling like he was ‘treated like nothing’. He said: ‘It showed up in Jed. You can only sit around and play so many computer games, can’t you?’ 
One friend revealed that Allen sent a lengthy text message to seven friends just before his death in which he asked them to call police.
The friend told The Sun: 'Jed texted seven of us. It was a long message but it told us that he had done something bad and asked us to call the police.
'It was a deeply personal message. The full contents of that text shouldn't be revealed now.'
The revelation comes just hours after police confirmed Allen had been found dead in a wooded area in Oxford. 
Speaking at Thames Valley Police headquarters, Detective Superintendent Chris Ward confirmed that two members of the public had stumbled across a body just before 5pm.
He said: ‘Members of the public reported finding the body of a man in a wooded area in Oxford.
'This is an area that had not previously been searched by police as a result of this investigation.
‘While no formal identification has yet taken police, I am satisfied that this is the body of Jed Allen who I previously named as a suspect in this investigation.
‘Members of all of the victims' families have been informed and they are being supported by specially-trained officers.
‘While the investigation into this murder will continue, I am not seeking anyone else in connection with this offence.
A large area around the woods remained cordoned off tonight, with police tape surrounding fields close to where the 21-year-old is believed to have killed himself.
Earlier today, police released CCTV footage of Allen casually buying a large bottle of water in the hours before his family were stabbed to death.
It came after detectives confirmed they had found the murder weapon near their bodies and revealed Allen was last seen in a WH Smith at Oxford railway station just two hours before his family members were brutally killed.
The gardener was a depressed knife-obsessive who struggled with his mother's alcoholism and could not 'understand' why she and his father had split up.
His body was found by members of the public despite more than 100 police, including armed officers, scouring the Oxfordshire woodland in the last 24 hours in a bid to locate him. 
The huge manhunt came after the bodies of the three members of his family were discovered with knife wounds at their home in Didcot, Oxfordshire, at 8.30pm on Saturday.  
Police believe Allen may have killed them in the afternoon before walking five minutes to Didcot station to catch a train to Oxford at 5.24pm. He was then captured on CCTV buying a bottle of water before walking to the city centre parks at 6pm. 
Officers centred their search on the Oxford University Parks, but Allen's body was discovered less than a mile away in Marston Ferry Road - just yards away from the city's Oxford Brookes University.
In recent months, Allen posted videos and posts online expressing anger about his life and how he was 'fed up of being treated like dirt' at work and by women.
He made dozens of short films in the past year and in one he screams wildly into the camera and says: 'This is a mad house. I can't take it any more'. 
The groundsman also photographed himself brandishing knives, an axe and a knuckleduster and friends said he could explode into uncontrollable rages and had punched holes in walls at home. 
In one photo, he was seen with blades between his clenched fingers like the Marvel comic superhero Wolverine in the X-Men films.   
Miss Jordon's former landlady spoke of the close bond between Allen and his mother – but said his troubled upbringing was tarnished by her addiction to alcohol.
Jane Ilott, 68, said: 'I didn't know Jed as a 6ft man, I know him as a little fella who was really struggling. 'He absolutely loved his mum and she him, but she didn't know... drink was Jan's real love but she did love Jed.' 
Describing Miss Jordon as 'beautiful', Mrs Ilott added: 'She wasn't a bad woman, she was just an alcoholic.' 
Meanwhile, a former soldier who had a four-year relationship with Miss Jordon from 2001 described her as ‘the best mum and the devil in disguise at the same time’.
Mark Cane, 44, said: ‘Because of her problems with alcohol she was a Jekyll and Hyde figure.
‘When she had things under control she was up in the morning, sending Jed off to school, being a normal, loving mother.
‘But then she would get drunk and threaten to take her own life. Jed saw a lot of dysfunction, I imagine he snapped with his mother and couldn’t take her any more. But I’ll never understand why he killed his little sister.’
Neighbours suggested that Allen – who had a distinctive spider tattoo on his left hand - had been struggling to come to terms with the break-up of his biological parents' relationship and often appeared sullen and introverted.
One said that he could not 'understand' why they had not stayed together. 
Social media appeared to be a way for Allen to admit his frailties and anger with the world.
He told friends recently that his life was going 'backwards' and he was 'depressed, 'lonely' and 'sad' because he was 'fed up of girls treating me poorly'.  
In a caption accompanying one of his his many selfies he wrote: 'I don't know what I am anymore'. 
In others he sang his favourite songs and, on one film in his car, he wrote afterwards: 'When I was happy'.
In one of the more sinister films he secretly recorded his colleagues talking over lunch as he looked angrily into the camera. 
On his Facebook page he wrote about how his job had 'turned sour already' and that he was 'fed up of being treated like dirt'.
In another, he wrote: 'I've decided there is no time of day that I function well.' 
'Whoever doesn't like me just remove me from your lives so I can put you out of my misery. You know who you are.' And two weeks earlier the former Oxford University groundsman wrote: 'Works (sic) turned sour already. Fed up of being treated like dirt.'  
His father remains under police protection in his family home today and has refused to comment on his son's death.
Allen's hero was the Marvel character Wolverine and he photographed himself with three blades between his fingers to mimic the superhero from the Marvel comic books and X-Men films.
Elsewhere online, he posted numerous pictures of the character and was even given a Wolverine-inspired 21st birthday cake.
He even had the same haircut as the character and admitted to friends in one social media post: 'I should have been Wolverine'.  
Another picture showed his right hand, emblazoned with a scorpion tattoo, clutching a ten-inch hunting knife. He also had a large spider tattoo on his left hand and a tattoo of a growling bear on his chest. 
Last night, a cousin of Allen described his family's profound shock at the brutal murders he supposedly carried out.
Tyler Clarke begged the killer to give himself up to police, adding: 'No-one can believe what happened'.
He told The Sun: 'The first thing I knew about it was when I saw it on the news. We just want to know why. But only Jed knows what's happened.
'If we could send a message to Jed it would be "give yourself up".'
His plea came as tributes poured in for victims Philip Howard, 44, Janet Jordon, 48, and Derin Jordon. Friends and well-wishers visited the crime scene where they placed flowers and tributes.
One handwritten note read: 'You are my family and always will be.
'I will miss you all each day. You have all left a massive void in my heart which will never be filled. I love you all so much, Jan, Phil and my Dezzy Doo.'
Others left photos showing Janet and Phil playing with Derin.  
Neighbours described Derin as a 'lovely little girl' and said they often saw her on her bicycle on her way to school with her mother by her side. 
One, Sheila Welch, said: 'They are new neighbours and had only been here a couple of months. They were a lovely mother and a little girl. They always looked so happy.'   
Another former neighbour said Derin was often seen cycling with her mother.
The man, who did not want to be named, said: 'She was really nice, she used to smile and say 'hello' when she saw you in the street.'
Today, shocked friends flocked to Derin's to pay tribute to her as her headteacher threw open the doors to welcome friends and well-wishers to pay tribute to the little girl, known affectionately as Dezzy.
Children came to school during half term to light a candle for the six-year-old and also drew pictures of flowers.
Headteacher John Myers said: 'People are shocked, devastated, sad, what you would expect.
'It was such a shock, it was hard to believe at first. To lose any life is awful, to lose a little child is doubly so, but the nature and manner of the loss is hard to take and comprehend.'
Dezzy was about to finish Year 1, having been at the school since nursery and Mr Myers paid tribute to a beautiful and precious little girl.
'She was a beautiful little girl, pretty, smiley, gentle, precious,' he added. She was a wonderful character, very very lovely.' 
Allen lived with his 48-year-old mother Janet Jordon, Philip Howard, 44, and their daughter Derin Jordon at a £300,000 council house in Didcot. 
The bodies were discovered there on Saturday at 8.20pm after police were tipped off that something was wrong by a neighbour. 
Forensic officers have spent the last two days combing the property and could be seen carrying evidence bags out of the house today. Although post-mortem examinations are yet to be carried out, police revealed the likely cause of death of the victims was stab wounds. They have not yet confirmed how Allen died.
Allen's family had only moved to their semi-detached property two months ago from a smaller home a mile away.
Former neighbour Rizi Marina, 25, described Allen as a 'silent' type who often had a gym bag slung over his shoulder.
The IT consultant said: 'He was quite silent. He just said hi every time we saw him. Initially it was just the little girl living with the family, then the son came as well. We often saw him with a gym bag. He was a big guy.'   
Families with young children could be seen visiting the school, where they could light candles, talk and leave tributes to jan, Dezzy and Philip.
One parent, whose daughter went to school with Dezzy, said she was a lovely, innocent little girl.
'She was just a lovely six-year-old girl. She was just completely innocent.
'People do horrible things to each other, but kids don't know. They can't process it.
'They know obviously she is not coming back to school but we don't talk about the details. They can't understand that and shouldn't have to.'
Thames Valley Police yesterday released a picture of Allen showing off the distinctive spider tattoo on his left hand in the hope it might aid the search for him. 
Things were so bad that his two younger siblings were removed from the family home by social services. As the years passed and his mother Janet moved on to yet another relationship – this time with the man he would ultimately end up murdering – Allen became increasingly unhinged.
His rambling posts on social network pages give a chilling insight into his tortured mind.
Among the pictures of protein bars and muscular film characters, the gym-obsessed former Oxford University gardener uploaded images of weapons including a knife and an axe.
Friends also told of his love for ‘Screamo’ – an aggressive version of goth-type music – and how he would sink into depression at the thought of his unhappy family home life. He also withdrew into a virtual world, spending his life playing violent computer games and regularly posting pictures on his Instagram page.
A film fanatic, he would write about how he aspired to be a movie villain, such as Bane from Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. But his favourite character was Wolverine, the X-Men character who he styled himself on – growing his sideburns long and posing with a set of razor ‘claws’ and ‘wolf’ slippers.
Using the internet as a vessel in which to pour out his inner feelings, the bodybuilder would say things like ‘damaged people are dangerous because they know they can survive’.
And he posted a link to the film Stuart: A Life Backwards about a homeless alcoholic who experienced a traumatic event in his childhood, writing: ‘Pretty sure this is where my life is going.’
The family’s former landlady and next-door neighbour Jane Ilott, 68, said: ‘Nobody knows what Jed went through. He was one of those vulnerable little souls and such a nice little lad.’
She added: ‘His only problem was his mother – and her problem was alcohol – but he loved his mum ever so much. He would ring and say, “I’m frightened, mum’s drunk again and I’m worried about the babies but don’t tell mum I rang because she will be cross with me.”’ 
She described him as ‘stressed’ and ‘tense’, adding: ‘He was just a little boy having to be a man: trying to keep secrets, trying to look after his little brother and sister and then they were taken away from him.’
Former Sainsbury’s delicatessen worker Miss Jordon was said to be a ‘lovely lady’ who adored Grease the musical but battled with alcoholism and an eating disorder.
Her two middle children, born between Jed and Derin to different partners, were taken into care when they were still pre-school age in around 2006.
She was allegedly banned from driving after being caught drunk at the wheel with her young children in around 2004.
Friends said Miss Jordon was ‘loved’ by her family who did what they could to help her with her problems. In a desperately sad note, written around 2006 and seen by the Mail, her mother Heather apologises to her daughter’s neighbours for her behaviour when drunk.
She writes: ‘I am absolutely gobsmacked by her and ashamed. She was way out of order making a spectacle of herself and I am so sorry... I will talk to her yet again and hope that one time I’ll get through.’ Robert Dee, the father of Allen’s best friend Jordan, claimed the killer had been mentally and physically abused as a child. He said the removal of his young brother and sister into foster homes was something he never got over. ‘Jed didn’t have the easiest childhood,’ said the 63-year-old.
To escape his unhappy life, Allen found solace in the gym and the angry music known as ‘Screamo’. The genre is similar to another hardcore punk style called Powerviolence and bands have names such as Heroin. A friend who asked not to be named said: ‘He hung out with the skateboarding crew and listened to Screamo.
‘He used to call me to tell me that he was having a bad day. He struggled with his parents splitting up, like any of us would. If he was having a bad day, he would just want to sit on his own and not be interrupted by his parents.’

'I've done something bad': The chilling last text sent by triple murderer 'Wolverine' when he killed his mother, stepfather and six-year-old sister - as he is found hanging in Oxford woodland 25 May 2015

British ‘Wolverine’ kills family, goes into hiding  May 24, 2015

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