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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Father who killed his children was taking psych drugs

Katharine Webb ran from her home screaming "he's going to kill my babies" before the shots rang out. This week, the grieving mother will be among witnesses to give evidence at a coroner's inquest into the deaths of her two children, Bradley, 9, and Ellen, 6.

The St Leonard's School pupils were gunned down by their father, Edward Livingstone, in their home at 9 Kiwi St, Dunedin, on January 15 last year.
Livingstone, 51, was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest in the front bedroom of the home. A shotgun lay next to him. He did not have a firearms licence. 
Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall will preside over the inquest, which is set down for four days at the Coroner's Court in Dunedin, beginning on Tuesday.
Webb has not spoken publicly about the events that unfolded at her home last year.
Much has already been revealed about the murder-suicide, but questions remain. 
Livingstone, who worked at Otago prison and lived in Milton, parted ways with Webb in early 2013 and moved out of the Kiwi St property.
She later obtained a permanent protection order, which he breached twice in the months before the shooting.
Livingstone appeared in court for both offences. He obtained diversion on one charge and a discharge without conviction on the other. 
Corrections, his employer, issued him with a final warning. He was offered counselling and days off work at the time.
A ruling by Judge Stephen Coyle said Livingstone was on medication and seeing a psychiatrist when he breached the protection order in September 2013.
However, the medication was not quite "levelling" him out, Coyle said.
Livingstone's psychiatrist later changed his medication but did not specify what drugs Livingstone was taking.
Neighbour Mel Foot said Livingstone had been "insane for months and months", adding he had talked about killing Webb and burning their house down.
Foot said she went to police with concerns in August 2013, but her complaint was never followed up.
A month before the shootings, Livingstone cancelled his house insurance and changed his will, leaving nothing to Webb.
On January 15, 2014, Livingstone entered the Kiwi St home with a petrol can and a shotgun shortly before 10pm.
Webb ran to her neighbours screaming and crying. Chris Foot confronted Livingstone but by then it was too late.

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